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July 2018

Fantasy Island Launches Europe’s First Two Player Wheel of Fortune!

Fantasy Island Launches Europe’s First Two Player Wheel of Fortune! 1004 1024 Fantasy Island

Sega Amusements International launched ICE’s Wheel of Fortune at this year’s EAG to much fanfare. With a quick roll out across the UK and overseas it has become this year’s “game to have” featuring in the top earning spot for many operators. Now Sega in partnership with Fantasy Island, in the popular resort town of Skegness in the UK, announce Europe’s first two player set up with Mega Deluxe Marquee. Sega’s Justin Burke said, “Wheel of Fortune has gotten off to a great start, with some operators quickly purchasing a second or third unit where they have multiple locations; it was only a matter of time before someone went for the big display of two games side by side with the mega marquee! The venue at Fantasy Island is the perfect spot for it.”

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British Summertime Trips & Destinations – Skegness

British Summertime Trips & Destinations – Skegness 1023 684 Fantasy Island

The seaside in the summer holds a special place in the hearts of the British, particularly families. Why is that?Most people have at least one photograph of themselves as a child, playing on the beach, that brings with it a rush of lovely memories.Couples will recount courting done on the sands, while lone travellers often have tales of long walks on beaches at dawn or twilight, to commune with the wonders of mother nature.

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Psycho Mansion

Psycho Mansion 802 1024 Fantasy Island

The power of Christ compels you to step into the eerie aristocratic estate of the legendary Psycho family. But beware, the mansion has become plagued by the paranormal… Meet Father Abner Black, the Exorcist, as he casts a divine ritual over the mansion, in a vain attempt to dispel the insidious Phantom that lurks within Psycho Mansion 2 – Possessed!

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Carnivhell 799 1024 Fantasy Island

Something wicked this way comes as Carnival Diablo rolls into town, bringing a sinister spectacle to Fear Island.  Freak out as you come face to face with a hoard of cannibal carnies and ghastly freaks.  Guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face, Carnivhell presents ‘the gravest show on earth’ – the admission price is your soul…

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Temple of Terror

Temple of Terror 1024 680 Fantasy Island

Unwittingly unearthed by a hapless urban explorer, the ancient Mayan temple of Kukulcan – the blood-thirsty Snake God, has been disturbed.  Descend deep beneath the earth as you navigate the tombs and traps that lead toward the Mayan underworld of Xibalba – the ‘realm of fright’, where the ancient Gods are ready to wreak a terrible vengeance on all who dare enter the Temple of Terror…

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Sizzle and fizz in the sun this summer when you visit Fantasy Island

Sizzle and fizz in the sun this summer when you visit Fantasy Island 1024 684 Fantasy Island

Summer 2018 looks set to be a real scorcher and no Skegness day trip or holiday is complete without an exciting trip to Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells. Visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy exploring the available attractions at Fantasy Island, as we offer rides for thrill seekers, baby and tot adventure rides, themed shopping experiences and a wide range of entertainment and activities to suit everybody.

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British Summertime Trips & Destinations – Fantasy Island

British Summertime Trips & Destinations – Fantasy Island 1024 684 Fantasy Island

Coast magazine recently voted Fantasy Island as one of Britain’s top ten coastal theme parks. The Lincolnshire attraction combines white-knuckle rides with one of the best funfairs in England and boasts Europe’s largest seven-day market.For those who like to pack a lot into their itinerary, that makes for one of the best days out in the UK. There are lots of great things to do in Skegness, and holidaymakers have flocked to the seaside town for generations to enjoy its great beaches and attractions.

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Fear Island Phantoms

Fear Island Phantoms 815 1024 Fantasy Island

Join our spirited spooks for a live and interactive stage show.  Will our friendly phantoms make it as reality TV stars as they take part in ‘The Ghost Factor’?Find out in a magical celebration of Halloween season in the Fear Island Phantoms Show! Designed with younger guests in mind.

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Circus of Screams

Circus of Screams 767 1024 Fantasy Island

Circus of Screams17th July 2018 Roll up! Roll up! Do you dare enter the circus of screams? Non-coaster rides for all the family at Fantasy Island Non-coaster rides for all…

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Introduce your little explorer to Fantasy Island this summer

Introduce your little explorer to Fantasy Island this summer 1024 683 Fantasy Island

Introduce your little explorer to Fantasy Island this summer9th July 2018 From intense roller coasters to exciting water rides, Fantasy Island might seem like the perfect place to take older…

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