6 facilities you should ensure are available for your family theme park trip

6 facilities you should ensure are available for your family theme park trip 1024 684 Fantasy Island

6 facilities you should ensure are available for your family theme park trip

Theme parks make for the perfect family day out, helping them remain a popular favourite throughout the years. If you and your family are heading to a theme park, here are 6 facilities you should make sure are available on site. It may seem obvious, but if you don’t pre-plan you may find some parks do not have everything you need.

1. Rides and attractions for all ages

This is perhaps the most important, as different parks will have different target audiences. Ensure the park has rides suitable for all ages. You will want larger, thrill rides for teenagers, and smaller, slower rides for little ones. Choosing a park with both ensures your whole family will find something they enjoy, and nobody will be bored or left out.

2. Refreshments

Hunger can strike at any moment, and it’s important to stay hydrated. Ensure your chosen park has adequate food and drink facilities. You should choose somewhere with a variety of choices, so you can be sure to find something for everybody.

3. Shops

There is nothing worse than arriving for a family day out to find you have left something behind. Be it sun cream, a spare change of clothes or nappies. Onsite shops mean you can grab what you have forgotten, as well as picking up some souvenirs to take home as keepsakes.

4. Toilets and baby changing

Ensure your chosen park has adequate toilet access. This means multiple points throughout the park, to avoid the risk of accidents and near-misses. If you need changing facilities, you should check this as well. Prepare by looking at park maps to give you an idea of where everything is.

5. Access facilities

If somebody in your party requires disabled access this is another important thing to check in advance. Don’t get caught out and find your day shrouded in stress and difficulty. You should also check for lifts and ramps to ensure there is access for prams and buggies if required.

6. Parking

Is there on-site parking? Not everywhere has this, and if not you will need to arrange transport to the park. Many parks offer shuttles in this case, but it will be different wherever you go. Of course, on-site parking is a major plus as it is easy and convenient.

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