Best things to do for adults at Fantasy Island

Best things to do for adults at Fantasy Island 960 640 Fantasy Island

Best things to do for adults at Fantasy Island

Theme parks – they’re just for kids, right? Wrong! There are plenty of rides at Fantasy Island that are adult-friendly as well. Whether you’re accompanying your children or nephews/nieces, or are just seeking some adrenaline on a day off, there is plenty for you to enjoy as an adult at Fantasy Island. Here are our top things to do here!

The Rhombus Rocket

The Rhombus Rocket is one of our favourite roller coasters. It speeds around the park, with all the ups and downs that you’d expect from a rollercoaster of its size. It’s certainly not just for kids – children must be 1 metre tall and if they are under 1.2 metres, they should be accompanied by an adult. Whether you are 5 or 50, you’ll love this ride!

The Millennium

This ride is one of the fastest in the entire park. It goes a whopping 55 miles per hour as it whizzes along its tracks, and has two loops! It’s a favourite for big kids who are visiting the park. Children must be 1.2 metres and should be accompanied by an adult if they are under 1.4 metres.

Ten-pin Bowling

Bowling is one of those activities that never gets old, no matter how old you are! It’s a popular game with families across generations, but plenty of adults also opt to play alone.

Our bowling alley is unique – it has projection mapping technology so you can see where the ball is in real-time. It is actually the first bowling alley in the UK to offer this, and this experience is available in our VIP lanes.


Do you like to drive fast? At the go-kart stadium, you can do this in a safe way! Adults and children are both welcome to drive the go-karts, whether you have a driving licence or not! It’s very secure, and it’s immensely fun!

Log Flume

Back to the rides, the log flume is the ultimate one to try on a hot day. You’re likely to get absolutely soaked, but during the summertime, this will probably be welcomed! This ride is popular with both adults and kids.


And finally, our twister ride is a dizzying experience that will make your head spin! It’s our take on the classic twister ride where you are spun in pods which move up and down. Whether you’re accompanying kids or not, you’ll love this ride!

So there you go – Fantasy Island isn’t just for kids! There’s plenty for adults to enjoy here as well.