British summer time day trips: Funfairs in England

British summer time day trips: Funfairs in England 1247 695 Fantasy Island

British summer time day trips: Funfairs in England

11th April 2018

England has a grand tradition of funfairs that goes back generations. A trip to a seaside resort is never complete without a stroll through the attractions, and travelling funfairs breathe an exhilarating breath of life into local parks as they make the rounds in the summer. The music, bright colours and looks of wonder on children’s faces are some of the great joys of the funfair, and there are traditions we expect to see every time.

The magic of the funfair

A good funfair offers a mix of rides for children and adults of all ages, along with a range of games where people can win prizes. There should be food on hand, whether it be cooked meals or some fluffy pink candy floss; and a few market-style stalls where you can buy interesting and quirky little souvenirs to remember your day.

There are many permanent funfairs in England that work in the British tradition, but if you’re near the Lincolnshire East Coast there is no better place than Fantasy Island. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, Fantasy Island ticks all the traditional boxes, with a range of rides and roller coasters to accommodate the thrill seekers and also those who just want a gentle ride. There is also a soft play area for the little ones, and live character shows to entertain and amuse during the summer time.

More than meets the eye

Fantasy Island follows in that tradition of funfairs in England, in that it is much more than a place to ride on roller coasters. It is also home to the largest 7-day market in Europe, where you will find everything! From classic toys to garden decorations and even reasonably priced electricals! There are also several cafes, restaurants and bars, along with food stalls that offer a wide range of foods and sweets to keep you going on your day out.

Pushing tradition further

Fantasy Island offers the full range of English funfair attractions, keeping the great traditions alive while adding a little personal touch that really makes a memorable visit. If you are taking a holiday or weekend away near Skegness and want a day out that encapsulates one of the country’s grand traditions, then Fantasy Island is the place to be!