Enjoy Halloween and scare yourself silly at Fear Island

Enjoy Halloween and scare yourself silly at Fear Island 1024 1024 Fantasy Island

Enjoy Halloween and scare yourself silly at Fear Island

17th September 2018

Enjoy Halloween and scare yourself silly at Fear Island

If you are looking for a fun day out and things to do in Skegness for Halloween, then we suggest you head to Fantasy Island theme park. Here you can enjoy the scariest rides with family and friends, thanks to the amazing Fear Island attractions. You’ll have so much fun, plus you can enjoy all the usual regular rides and shopping experiences. It really does make for a fun-filled (and scary) day out. Just perfect for the Halloween holiday.

Fear Island is back and better than ever before

This year Fear Island is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. When you opt for the Fear Island wristband you’ll be able to enjoy the three new fabulous yet eerie attractions, plus the live Halloween themed show.

Are you ready for Psycho Mansion?

This large and imposing mansion is owned by the Psycho family and is full of ghosts who are happy to spook any visitors. Only Father Abner Black can exorcise these demons. Prepare for the fright of your life!

Carnivhell is full of freaks and cannibals!

This is one sinister attraction, as you will face a world of weird and wonderful freaks. Be prepared to be frightened and to question everything you think you know. You may lose your soul in the process, but only temporarily.

Go deep underground in the Temple of Terror

This is a dark and unearthly attraction that will have you exploring ancient temples and tombs. Are you ready for such a scare? Do you dare to enter the Temple of Terror. We hope you do as it’s so much fun!

The stage show that is Fear Island Phantoms

Once you have enjoyed all of Fear Island’s scary and haunted attractions, then you’ll be ready for a well-earned rest. The Fear Island Phantoms stage show will help you catch your breath for a little while as you watch the live stage show of phantoms hoping to make it as a bunch of reality TV stars. This show is fun and fully interactive!
You can enjoy the scary Fear Island attractions from October 13th through to November 4th. To learn more and to purchase tickets, then please do visit our Fear Island page today.