What’s On in October: Skegness Halloween Events

What’s On in October: Skegness Halloween Events 724 1024 Fantasy Island

What’s On in October: Skegness Halloween Events

12th October 2018

Halloween is a time of year many of us feel truly passionate about. You might love horror stories, enjoy the atmosphere, or just find your fun in the way people let their hair down and jump into new roles; whatever the case, this holiday has it all. The only thing that could make it better would be if Halloween dinners became a thing, like Christmas dinners. (We don’t know what a Halloween dinner would look like, but we bet the cakes would look AMAZING.)

More and more, though, Halloween lovers are going to big events.

Big events make the most of Halloween

Halloween engages your imagination like no other holiday. Great costumes, big parties, excited play-acting – these have been part of it since the first time a child discovered the joy of trick-or-treating. As the holiday’s gained steam, adults have found plenty to do and these big parties lead to major events – like last year’s Fear Island events here at Fantasy Island in Skegness.

Of course, this year we had to go bigger and better again. Whether you’re local to Skegness or looking to travel to make the most of the holiday, Fantasy Island should be top of your list to check. Why?

The best and brightest Skegness Halloween events can all be found in Fantasy Island.

Fear Island returns to Fantasy Island!

Bigger and better, Fear Island has become Fear Island II. This year there’s not one, not two, but three separate Scare Experiences. Not only that, but the returning Experience, Psycho Mansion, has something new even if you missed it the first time around. When we tell you this house is haunted, we mean it literally!

New to the line-up is Carnivhell, a celebration of every story of a sinister, twisted carnival, going back to the original ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’. Step right up – it’s the gravest show on Earth!

The Temple of Terror completes the trio of Experiences. You’ll go deep beneath the ground in a twisted Mayan temple to face the vengeance of the ancient, buried gods – if you dare.

Alongside the Scare Experiences, the Fear Island Phantoms will be putting on a stage show. Not just live entertainment – this is interactive! Vote along with the new reality show The Ghost Factor and have your say.

Or visit the Circus of Screams for a Big Top trip like no other with a Halloween twist.