10 things to spot when you visit Fantasy Island

10 things to spot when you visit Fantasy Island 1024 769 Fantasy Island

10 things to spot when you visit Fantasy Island

At Fantasy Island, we’ve got everything you need for a fun-filled day out, from epic rides to adventure golf to our artisan market. However, there are a few lesser-known sights that are hidden in our park and we want you to find them! Kids love a challenge, so here are ten things to look out for next time you visit Fantasy Island.

1) A Pterosaur

Dinosaurs may have been extinct for millennia, but keen young palaeontologists will be quick to recognise this winged dinosaur as a Pterosaur. Can you find him in the magical pyramid?

2) A surfboard

We’re very close to the sea at Fantasy Island, so it makes sense that there is a surfboard to be found. Take a look around some of our food and drink vendors to see if you can find one!

3) A pink sparkly car

We’ve got some brilliant rides at Fantasy Island and one of them features lots of vehicles perfect for little ones to ride in! But can you find a pin sparkly car?

4) A penguin

If you’re heading to our chilly ice mountain ride, make sure you keep your eyes out for our penguin friend! He’s stuck on a block of ice, but we’re sure you can find him!

5) A green tractor

You won’t find our green tractor driving behind that pink car! This one is a bit tricky to find, but keep your eyes open and see if you can see a little green tractor ride around the Fantasy Island park.

6) A spinning cauldron

There are plenty of magical things to be found in Fantasy Island, but can you and your family find a spinning cauldron? There may be more than one of them and they look hot!

7) A waving panda

We have all sorts of animal-themed attractions here at Fantasy Island. One of our favourite animal friends is our waving panda who is hiding away in the bamboo waiting to be found by intrepid explorers!

8) A red deckchair

We love being by the seaside, and our Skegness park is a great place to enjoy the British sunshine. There’s nothing better than sitting down and relaxing on a deckchair – can you find a red one?

9) A giant ladybird

Do your little ones love creepy crawlies? This is one seriously big ladybird, with shiny wings and big googly eyes. Can you find her as she flies around?

10) A submarine

We’ve found all sorts of vehicles, but we all know that submarines are the hardest to find. This one is manned by an old sea captain and his turtle companion, can you find it?