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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Accounts & Booking

  • After booking online, you’ll receive a booking reference via email. On the day, show this email at any cashier desk to get your wristbands. You can Book Online here.

  • There is no need as the date of visit during online booking is used for rate calculation. Your purchase remains valid for any day during the season. Note: Price adjustments may apply depending on the day.

  • For booking payment issues, first, check your bank to ensure the payment is cleared. If problems persist, email [email protected] with full details.

    For account access problems, please fill out the ‘Account Trouble’ form.

Wristbands and Pricing

  • Prices differ based on desired rides, visitation day and guest height,

    • Under 0.9m: Little Explorers wristband – free access to Little Explorers rides.
    • 9m – 1.1m above: Adventurer’s wristband – access to Adventurer and Little Explorers rides.
    • 1m and above: Discovery wristband – access to Discovery, Adventurer, and Little Explorers rides.

    Check our colour-coded pricing chart:

    To determine day colours:

    Note: Additional safety restrictions may apply on some rides:

  • Although we advise that you book online, you can always purchase wristbands on arrival at our Fantasy Island Theme Park.

    Pre-book in advance anytime up to the day before your visit or purchase on arrival.

    We are more than happy to welcome your onsite purchase on the day you decide to visit, and there is no difference between the pre-booked online prices and onsite prices on the day.

  • No! Everyone can enjoy the sights, sounds, and atmosphere at no cost with full access to the Fantasy Island Theme Park and Market.

  • You can use it any time during the season except for Fear Island wristbands. Present it at any of the cashier desks on the park.

    Note: This voucher cannot be redeemed online. All terms and conditions apply.

Access, Disability & Discounts

  • Our Blue Light discount is available onsite (not available online) from any of our cashier kiosks to:

    • Emergency Services
    • Armed Forces and MOD personnel
    • NHS Staff

    Identification by way of a Blue Light card or a suitable official identification card will need to be shown at the time of purchase from the bearer of that card\ID.

    The discount amounts to 30% off the cost of a 1-day wristband for the holder and up to 3 other members for their party.

  • If a guest has the correct documentation and needs accompanying on the rides due to their disability, their accompanying carer can receive a half-price wristband.

    Please note that we can only offer this discount on 1-day wristbands; it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is not available online.

    As Fantasy Island staff are not permitted to make a judgement as to whether an individual has a disability or not, suitable evidence would need to be provided. Suitable evidence which shows a carer requirement could be any of the following:

    • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) letter
    • Disability Access Pass (aka A Nimbus Card)
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) letter
    • Universal Credit Carers Allowance letter
  • I’m afraid we do not accept the Max Card (the UK’s leading discount card for cared for and looked after children) on its own, however, the card is often accompanied by an additional requirement that is covered by our carers’ 50% discount which you may have access to.

    If you’d like more information about the carers discount, please visit our website here:

  • We are aware that other parks offer a queue jump or fast track system but, due to the size and layout of our theme park, this is something we cannot provide.

    We do have a system where another member of the party queues as usual, and when they reach the front of the line, we let the individual who cannot queue on through the exit gate; this has proven beneficial to several families.

    We do not tend to have large queues, and most days, these are less than 15 minutes.

  • Occasionally a child on the autism spectrum has difficulty wearing a wristband. In these instances, we have an option for that child’s wristband to be placed on their carer’s wrist alongside their own and for both to be given a stamp on the back of their hands to identify them as being together.

    The carer will need to be with the child on all the rides.

  • Two of our attractions have weight restrictions in accordance with the manufacturers Health & Safety guidelines.

    Dragon Mountain.

    Dragon Mountain is a two-person ride only (1 x child, 1 x adult).

    Wild Water Rapids.

    To ensure the Water rapids are loaded correctly, the ride works on a code system; green indicates customers are safe to ride, and red indicates that the boat’s safe weight limit will be exceeded.

  • Here is a list of rides with how they are accessed:


    The Guardian, StarFlyer, Magic, Twister, Sea Storm, Techno Jump, Wild River Rapids, Glowworm, Apple Coaster, Firebowl, Carousel, Balloons, Toucan Tours


    Odyssey, Millenium, Mystical Dragon Mountain, Log Flume, Rhombus Rocket, Jellikins, Seaquarium


    Volcano, Dodgems, Mantis, Harrington’s Flint’s Island Adventures, Crazy Caterpillar, Bizzy Dizzy Beez, Fantasia, Bouncing Bugs, Chair-O-Planes, Elephants, Jets, Jungle Adventure

    Tree Top Climb is a climbing attraction

  • Captain Jack’s Show bar is fully wheelchair accessible although some areas inside (such as the VIP Booths) are reached by steps. The area in front of the stage including tables and booths is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

    Castaway’s Bar has a similar layout with the main area being wheelchair accessible but with some additional seating areas reached by steps.

  • Safety is our priority. While we aim to keep all rides open, weather and technical issues might affect operations.

    We can therefore never guarantee that all, or a specific ride, will be open at any given time but we are always working to ensure maximum availability whilst keeping everybody safe.

    To find out ride availability for the day, please call 01754 871944 Extension 1007 after 10:30 am.

  • Please look at our opening times here on the website.

    Please note, we cannot control incorrect external information on our opening times. Our website and Facebook page will always show the correct times.

Ride Photos

  • After your ride:

    1. Locate your picture on the display screens.
    2. Swipe your wristband at the sensor
    3. Wait for the ‘beep’ and the “your photo is saved..” message on screen.
    4. Retrieve your photos using your receipt reference here.

    Photos are available for 30 days.

  • Ensure you saved your photos correctly. If you still need help with issues, email the details and your receipt reference to [email protected].


Entertainment & Facilities

  • Take a look at our entertainment page here:

    for information and upcoming entertainment.

  • While you can’t reserve tables, VIP booth bookings are available, which include fast-track entry, a dedicated booth, and table service. The booking cost is credited to your bar tab. Reserve a booth here.

  • Stay updated with events and promotions via our newsletter.

  • You’re welcome to bring your well-behaved dog to enjoy our Theme Park and Market outdoor areas provided they remain on a lead.

    We wholeheartedly welcome assistance dogs inside all areas. These highly trained dogs play a crucial role, and we ask that their responsible owners help us by identifying the dogs as auxiliary aid assistance animals during their visit to avoid any confusion.

Parking & Transportation

  • Parking charges are £2.00 per hour for the first 3 hours, then £8.00 for the whole day. There are no concessionary rates. More info on parking is here.

  • For fines, follow the instructions on the SmartParking Parking Charge Notice and provide supporting purchase info.

  • Coaches can park at our Eastgate Car Park. Register your coach in the Control Room to avoid charges (for 10+ Theme Park guests).

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow caravans or camper vans in our car parks.

Other Services

  • View our job listings on Indeed or apply online. Alternatively, mail your CV and cover letter to our address.

  • Contact our Control Room (01754 871944 – Extension 1020) for lost and found items.

  • Safety regulations restrict filming on rides from Go-Pro, Phones or any other recording device without proper authorisation and checks. Recognized family-friendly media creators can contact us for this permission at [email protected]. Content guidelines apply.

  • We always value your feedback. For complaints, email the details to [email protected]. Our team will investigate and respond promptly.

  • For details, visit our group bookings page.

    Note: Group discounts require prior arrangement with at least two weeks’ notice.

  • Not all rides might be open due to weather conditions. Learn about our wet weather guarantee here.

  • No wristbands or iCard credit refunds are provided, but extensions can be made. For inquiries, contact us at [email protected].

  • We don’t offer secure storage areas.