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Opening Times & Prices

Ready to plan your exciting family day out in Lincolnshire? Check out our calendar and prices below.

Please note: ride availability may be subject to change at any time.

Rides will operate on a rotational system during the week on Green/Yellow days.

Wristband Height Differences

Can only be purchased by people who are 1.1m or above. This wristband provides unlimited access to all rides (Individual height restrictions apply).

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Can be purchased by anyone 0.9m or above – please note by purchasing this wristband you may have access to both Adventurer and Little Explorer rides only (Individual height restrictions apply).

The best thing about the Little Explorer Wristband is that it is completely free to any child under 0.9m so get exploring! (Individual height restrictions apply).

Wristband Prices & Offers

Is your little one finally big enough to ride our thrill-seeking rollercoasters in Skegness? Be sure to check out our height restrictions prior to visiting the park. The little ones grow up so fast, soon they’ll be braving some of the most extreme attractions at our Skegness theme park! They might be brave enough, are you?!

Take advantage of our fantastic iCards. Top up your iCard with as much credit as you choose and use your iCard to pay per ride, play in our Skegness arcade and purchase food from our delicious eateries.

Selected your visit date? Take a look at the prices for our wristband packages below!

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