4 must-read tips to get the most out of your theme park visit

4 must-read tips to get the most out of your theme park visit 1023 684 Fantasy Island

4 must-read tips to get the most out of your theme park visit

Theme parks are an incredible source of family fun. The combination of rides, games, shops and restaurants makes for fantastic memories. Theme parks are a popular choice for day trips in the UK, and if you are planning a visit too, here are 4 tips to help you make the most out of your day.

Plan ahead

Theme parks are a carnival of bright colours and exciting rides, and it can be easy to step inside and not know where to start. So, plan ahead! Look online and make a list of the rides you most want to go on. This way you won’t miss out on anything, and you’ll likely have time to ride your favourites more than once. You can also get an idea of the layout of the park, which will help you navigate your way to the attractions you’ve prioritised. You can also check information on parking, entertainment shows and opening times, for a stress-free day out.

Check facilities

Make sure the park has all the facilities you will need. Disabled access, toilets, handwashing stations and lockers are all things you may want to consider. But also check what restaurant facilities are on offer. Make sure there are food outlets suitable for you and your family, stations for drinks and refills, and even onsite accommodation for a longer visit.

Pack smart

Make sure you have everything you need. Sun cream, water bottles, caps and sunglasses are especially important if you are visiting on a hot day. You may also want to consider ponchos or a spare change of clothes for those exciting water rides! And of course, don’t forget your phone or a camera to capture those all-important family memories forever.

Choose a ‘meet point’

Your group may split up at times. With different ride preferences and age groups, it’s not uncommon to go your separate ways for a while to ensure everybody gets to do the things they want. So, pre-arrange a meet point. Before you enter the park, make sure your group all have a distinctive meet point for re-grouping. This way if phone batteries die, or your call won’t connect, you can still meet up easily.

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