5 Reasons to include an Unlimited Ride Photo Package for your Fantasy Island trip

5 Reasons to include an Unlimited Ride Photo Package for your Fantasy Island trip 1026 684 Fantasy Island

5 Reasons to include an Unlimited Ride Photo Package for your Fantasy Island trip

When you visit a theme park you will no doubt create amazing memories with your family or friends. But when you’re caught up enjoying the moment, it can be easy to forget to take photographs of your special day. That’s why at Fantasy Island, we offer an amazing unlimited ride photo package, so you can get all the snaps you want! Here are five reasons why you should include one on your visit.

Photos you can’t take yourself

Even if you do take photos as you go about the park, it is impossible (and unsafe!) to take photographs while experiencing the rides. But the rides are the best bit! You will be snapped as your soar by so that you can have those photographs of your favourite rides to keep forever.

Full group shots

Riding with friends? Ride photos can be perfect for getting those group shots of you all together. When you are on the ground, somebody has to take the photograph, meaning a friend or relative may be missed out. This way you can make sure you are all included, and everybody gets to say ‘cheese!’ as the flash goes off.

High-quality images

Ride photographs are taken with cameras designed to capture you while you are moving at high speed, without causing blurriness. The images are of a high resolution, making them great quality, for memories that will truly show off the joy of your day.

Funny moments and lifelong memories

Posed photographs are great, and allow you to show off your best smile. But the fun of theme park photos is that they capture all your funny and unexpected moments too. Whether you are roaring with laughter, screaming from the thrill of a rollercoaster twist or unexpected drop, or simply grinning with delight, these pictures capture the natural you. What better way to look back on your day than photos that embody the true joy of the moment?

The perfect souvenir

Be it a souvenir for yourself, or a gift for a relative, photographs are perfect. They are personal to you, unique every time, and easy to keep. Display in a frame, or upload to your social media, for memories you can share time and time again!

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