Advice for beginners at funfairs

Advice for beginners at funfairs 1023 576 Fantasy Island

Advice for beginners at funfairs

If you’re planning to take the whole family to Fantasy Island for one of the best days out in Lincolnshire but haven’t been to a funfair before, you might be wondering if there are any specific things you should know about before you go. Don’t worry – we have some helpful advice about visiting a funfair for the first time.

Leave all non-essential items in the car

Seeing long lines at security checkpoints before going on rides can be a discouraging sight, as most parks and funfairs check your bags and belongings, it would be wise to leave all non-essential items in the car to avoid unnecessary hassle. Of course, you’ll need something to put your purse or wallet in, along with a water bottle etc. – but make sure it’s something small, so you’re not hiking a bulky bag around with you.

Avoiding large crowds

If large crowds aren’t your thing, then you can avoid them by visiting Fantasy Island in the early morning, staying later or simply going on off-peak days. Weekdays are typically less crowded than the weekends. If you arrive early, you will find that you can experience most of the popular rides without waiting in long queues. Funfairs also seem to have fewer people during the evenings but please check our website as we sometimes have fantastic firework displays, which are definitely worth dealing with a few extra people to see.

Remember to keep hydrated

It’s extremely important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if it’s a particularly hot one. Becoming dehydrated is actually quite easy and you might not notice it at first when adrenaline is pumping through your body, but once you calm down, you’ll realise how thirsty you actually are. Water is a great choice as it replenishes thirst better than any other drink but if you want a coffee or a refreshing pint, Fantasy Island has got plenty of eateries available.

If you feel as though you still need some more information and advice about visiting a funfair for the first time, we have a wide range of blogs and advice pages on our website. If you’d feel more comfortable speaking to us in person, contact us today.