Best games for all the family on your caravan holiday

Best games for all the family on your caravan holiday 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Best games for all the family on your caravan holiday

Dad’s relaxing on his deck chair reading the paper. Mum’s on her phone catching up with the Facebook gossip. The kids are kicking a ball around or introducing themselves to the local wildlife. It’s great to have some ‘me time’ on holiday, but aren’t our breaks also about doing things together as a family?

Luckily, there are plenty of games which are ideal for playing together as a family, either on a rainy day or after dark. In this blog, we suggest some of them:

Time to ‘get on board’

Board games get everybody involved and sharpen our mind on those long, lazy caravanning days. Consider Cluedo – a classic murder mystery format which is now available in a new version with updated characters and crime scene objects. If your family is more wordy – who doesn’t love a game of Scrabble? All you need is a Scrabble set and a dictionary. Then there are some of the new generations of games on the market such as Beat That! and Jabber Jaw.

Shuffle and deal

Card games combine elements of luck, surprise and strategy which can keep everyone happy. Easy to learn and wonderfully addictive to play; pontoon is an all-time favourite which does not complicate things, and you can easily up the stakes by playing with make-believe money represented by matchsticks or sweets. Rummy or pushy rummy is also straightforward but is a longer-lasting alternative to pontoon that is just perfect for a group of four, five or six people. And if you really want to make your card game kid-friendly, how about Slapjack? This is a fast-paced, interactive card game that is high on excitement and low on boredom. You can find the rules to all of these games online.

Honourable mentions

What about family-friendly games which don’t fit into the categories above? There are plenty of favourites for you to choose from. Jenga never gets old, offering brilliant block building antics that can be enjoyed indoors or outside.

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