Best rides for the kids’ first visit to Fantasy Island

Best rides for the kids’ first visit to Fantasy Island 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Best rides for the kids’ first visit to Fantasy Island

Days out are vital for making those lifelong memories your kids will always look back on. Everyone remembers their first visit to the funfair – candyfloss, winning a goldfish that lived for far too long and begging mum for one more ride. No matter the weather or how long the car journey, a visit to Fantasy Island is one your kids will surely look back on.

Although days out to the funfair can be exciting, especially for teens and adrenaline junkies, rides can be scary for kids. Introducing them to the right rides during their first visit is key to making sure they have a great time, all whilst exploring new experiences. Fantasy Island has a range of rides designed for younger visitors. Whether more adventurous and brave or reserved and shy, here are the best rides for your kids’ first visit to Fantasy Island.


Experience the fast-paced thrill of Magic – perfect for any mini thrill-seekers in the family. Take a seat and let Magic take you on hundreds of twists and turns, elevating you into the air, leaving you dizzy and ready to ride again.


Dodgems are a staple at any English funfair. Let mum, dad, or older siblings compete in their own wacky races whilst your little one takes on the role of co-driver. Perfect for the whole family to be silly together, let older siblings take the younger ones for a drive, or add up points of who gets bumped the most. Loser buys the candy floss!


Gentle doesn’t have to mean boring. Take a ride on Seaquarium, a lazy river-based ride that takes you on a journey through the land of the pirates. Enter dark caves, explore shipwrecks, and be serenaded by an orchestra of fish as you go on your very own seafaring adventure. Slow-paced and more gentle, this ride is perfect for younger members of the family, or grown-ups afraid of heights!

Log flume

Another funfair classic, the log flume is a great way to introduce your kids to rides including heights. Take in the surrounding views at the top of the ride, and get ready to plummet to the bottom. The log flume is a safe way of showing your kids how fun rides be, and the splash at the bottom means less fuss at bath time later!

There really is something for everyone at Fantasy Island. From grumpy teens to energetic toddlers, everyone’s thrills are catered for.