Should you hire a bike during your Fantasy Island stay?

Should you hire a bike during your Fantasy Island stay? 1024 682 Fantasy Island

Should you hire a bike during your Fantasy Island stay?

We already know that Fantasy Island is one of the best adventure resorts in the UK. Whether you’re visiting in autumn or summer, you can fill your days with family time and exhilarating rollercoasters. But do you know about the other, lesser-known ways in which you can spend time connecting with your family during your Fantasy Island holiday?

You can rent both child and adult bikes for fun days out exploring Skegness! We think that our bike rental service deserves some hype too, so our team at Fantasy Island have put together this blog post on the advantages of hiring bikes for the duration of your stay.

Explore Skegness

When you arrive at Fantasy Island, you’ll instantly be amazed by our location. With proximity to Skegness and its glorious beaches, it’s a great idea to park up the car, hire a bike for each of the family from our trusted service, and spend the day exploring. It’ll be a highly enjoyable and memorable way to extract every piece of beauty from our location – and a great way to ensure you stay active to keep that extra added holiday weight at bay!

To keep the children entertained

During the downtime of your holiday, you might just want to go back to your holiday home on-site and put your feet up in front of the TV. Your children, on the other hand, may not fancy this as much. You know how kids can be, all full of energy. This can make having bikes on hand from the start of your holiday worth every penny. For some peace, you can send the children off to make some memories together riding around the site on their bikes. It might even help tire them out so that they sleep better before the next day’s adventure!

For Ease

Imagine you’re standing in the kitchen of your holiday home, looking over the stove cooking something delicious for dinner when you realise that you’ve forgotten the finishing touch! Our bike rental service can be an unlikely ally here. You can send some of your older children off on these bikes to quickly pick up whatever you need. All you need to do is turn down the temperature slightly and wait around 5-10 minutes!

For more information on how to hire a bike for your holiday, contact our Fantasy Island team.

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