Clothing tips for theme parks – what to wear

Clothing tips for theme parks – what to wear 1536 2048 Fantasy Island

Clothing tips for theme parks – what to wear

Theme parks like Fantasy Island provide hours and hours of fun and excitement. To ensure your day is stress-free, make sure you plan what to wear carefully. Here are some tops tips to make sure your visit is enjoyable.

Consider the weather

Be sure to look ahead at the weather forecast for the day of your visit. Dressing appropriately for the weather might mean packing raincoats or ponchos during wet weather and light airy clothes for those warmer days. If the forecast is looking sunny, don’t forget caps and sunglasses too.

Wear comfortable shoes

You do a lot of walking at theme parks without even realising it. As you explore, you rack up the steps and as such, it is important to wear comfortable footwear. Trainers or comfy shoes you’ve worn plenty of times before will help to ensure your feet don’t rub or become sore. Avoid new shoes and heels if possible too.

Clothes that are quick to dry

Most theme parks have water attractions, with rides that can splash and soak you. These are a popular choice, and always ensure laughter, squeals of delight, and amazing memories. As such, it can be helpful to wear clothes that dry quickly. Try light materials or even swim shorts designed especially for quick drying.

Bright colours that are easy to spot

Theme parks get busy, and it can be easy to lose sight of your party amongst the crowds. Wearing a brightly coloured t-shirt or bright accessories can make you quick to spot, ensuring you can be found easily, even amongst other people. You should also dress your children in bright clothes so you can keep an eye on them and spot them on the rides.

Pack spares

You never know what might happen, and so it is a great idea to pack spare clothes. This is particularly important for children, but there is no harm in adults packing spares too. This pre-planning makes it less likely you will come about any stress or discomfort, and saves you having to spend money on new clothes should somebody in your group desperately need them.

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