Complete your New Year’s Resolutions at Fantasy Island

Complete your New Year’s Resolutions at Fantasy Island 1023 683 Fantasy Island

Complete your New Year’s Resolutions at Fantasy Island

Having a New Year’s Resolution is a great way to kick off 2021, giving you focus and direction as things start to become normal again. Normally, people have long-term goals for the year ahead, such as cutting out sugar or doing yoga every day. However, if your resolutions are more general, then Fantasy Island is the perfect destination to complete your 2021 resolution goals. Let’s have a look at how a trip to Fantasy Island can help you do that – starting with which resolution you have!

If your resolution is…

To be braver

…then try out The Millenium ride coaster! Reaching heights of 150ft and with three loops, you’ll feel amazing once you step off, with the adrenaline pumping through your veins and a real sense of accomplishment. 2020 has been a scary year, so starting 2021 by being brave enough to take on this Fantasy Island favourite is an ideal way to establish yourself as brave, and ready to take on any challenges that you come up against as the months go on!

To try something new

…make it your mission to take a seat on the Techno Jump ride. Coasters are heaps of fun, but if there’s ever been a time to take on a new challenge, then this ride is your answer. We reckon that you’ll love being bounced around in your seat – all you have to do is be prepared to scream in excitement, not knowing when you’ll next be boosted upwards or down! A different experience designed for real thrill-seekers, once you’ve tried the Techno Jump, you’ll be able to tick off your resolution of trying something new with a big smile.

To have some fun

…look no further than, well, anywhere in Fantasy Island. The Log Flume is a real classic in funfairs in England, and never truer than at Fantasy Island – which will leave you soaked-through and laughing all the way home, or until you decide to try another one of our rides. If getting wet isn’t your idea of fun, then don’t fret, as park favourite, the Rhombus Rocket, will be an adrenaline rush that ticks all your fun boxes for 2021. It’s fantastically fast!

Make a trip to Fantasy Island your New Year’s Resolution!

If you don’t have your resolution yet, why not make it a trip to Fantasy Island? It’s a perfect day out that you’ll treasure for years to come, whatever time of year you visit!