Days out and activities to boost children’s health

Days out and activities to boost children’s health 1366 1025 Fantasy Island

Days out and activities to boost children’s health

Healthy and resilient adults are often the result of enjoying an active and stimulating childhood.

Many parents worry this is now harder to achieve. Largely thanks to the restrictions of 2020 and the abundance of electronic gadgets that keep kids in their bedrooms!

How can you give them fitness, fresh air and mental health support?

Well, the whole family benefits when you go out for exercise, enjoyment and exploration. It’s valuable bonding and chatting time too.

It is highly recommended that you make a plan for 2021 that provides your children with a series of adventures, outings and activities. Let’s explore how…

A schedule of days out

Travel in the UK is set to get easier. So your New Year resolution could be to go for a regular family adventure somewhere; preferably once a week!

For example, if you live in driving distance of Lincolnshire, there are plenty of things to do in Skegness. Including spending a day laughing, walking and riding in the fabulous Fantasy Island Park. It’s the sort of thing that creates wonderful childhood memories, challenges them, gets their adrenalin pumping and gives them exciting news to share with friends!

If you make a schedule of day trips in the UK for 2021 it will help you stick to your resolution to get out and about frequently.

Make the most of local areas

Of course, you don’t have to travel to lovely Lincolnshire to give your children much-needed adventures. The UK is blessed with incredible parks, coastland, forests, fells and mountains.

During 2020 many families discovered the simple pleasure of walks, hikes, cycle rides and games outdoors. So, make sure you plan lots of activities locally too.

You could download guides to birds, flowers, geology and other interesting stuff, and challenge your kids to a wild treasure hunt!

Find new interests

There has never been a better time to explore your child’s interest in a sport, hobby or activity. Finding an age-appropriate group or club for them to join can support and grow their passion, and provide important social opportunities too.

The uniformed brigades – Guides and Scouts for instance – are a great way to help kids gain self-worth while they have fun and get fit.

Days out as rewards

There is nothing quite like the promise of days out in Lincolnshire to incentivise your children! It can help them focus better on mundane tasks or schoolwork. Giving them a special reward to look forward to can transform their commitment!

Then, when you book a day out at Fantasy Island and come for family fun, it’s a way you can all celebrate your child’s achievement!