Easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your kids

Easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your kids 1023 684 Fantasy Island

Easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your kids

25th October 2018

We all know that Halloween is soon approaching. The leaves are turning brown, shops are selling bagged sweets and pumpkins, and there seem to be horror movie specials on the television every night. However, with all of the other things that parents have going on in their lives, Halloween costumes for your kids will get pushed to the back of your mind, only to jump out at you when your child reminds you of it the night before the big day.

At Fantasy Island Resort, our staff have been there too, and as such, they know exactly what to do! We have created this short guide to help you create an easy last minute Halloween costume for your child, that still looks the part.

1. Classic ghost

While this may be a timeless costume hack, it works because it is so effective. Any old white sheet or linen can be used to create an easy ghost costume. Simply cut out some eye holes and you’re sorted! Make sure that the sheet isn’t too big for your child though, and trim off any bits that look like they will cause them to trip over and spill their trick or treating sweet bucket!

2. Zombie costume

One of the great things about creating a zombie costume is that most of it relies on face-paint. Once you have painted your child’s face green (or white, depending on what colours you have around the house!), you can add a few scars and fake blood, and that’s the outfit almost done. Add some old clothes with dirt thrown on them just to complete the look.

3. Bunch of grapes

For any child who doesn’t like Halloween to be too scary, why not suggest that they dress up as a bunch of grapes? Because the idea is so random, any child is sure to love it. All you need are balloons in the same colour as grapes, so green or purple ideally. Blow them up and attach to your child. You can guarantee that no one else will have the same costume, and you can have lots of fun popping the balloons later!


You will be pleased to know that we have put a lot of time and effort into our Skegness Halloween events, and even whether your costume has been planned for weeks or created at the last minute, you will have a great time here! You can book online today at https://sales.fantasyislandresort.co.uk/