Why Fantasy Island makes for an ideal school trip destination

Why Fantasy Island makes for an ideal school trip destination 768 512 Fantasy Island

Why Fantasy Island makes for an ideal school trip destination

With pupils returning to school, it’s time to start planning all your school trips. It’s probably been a while since your last one, so what better way to commemorate in-school lessons and celebrate your pupils’ hard work and dedication than with a fun day trip to Fantasy Island? So, without further ado, carry on reading for our top 3 reasons why Fantasy Island makes for the most perfect school trip destination for both students and teachers alike.

1. Theme park rides and entertainment centres for every age (including teachers)

With a wide selection of rides and entertainment centres available at Fantasy Island, no one will feel left out. Our expert and professional team has made the amusement park friendly for primary school, high school and college pupils alike, and of course, there are plenty of fun rides for the teachers to enjoy too.

If you’re taking a class of year 11 pupils before the intensity of GCSE revision kicks in, we suggest you let them try our incredible Millennium ride. Alternatively, if you’re taking a year 6 form group, then the Seaquarium is a great choice.

The arcade and go-karting are alternative options for pupils who may not enjoy the exhilarating rides.

2. Safety is a top priority

At the heart of Fantasy Island, we carry two main values: first, to ensure that you have a day filled with fun and laughter; second, every visitor is safe. For this reason, we carry out regular routine maintenance checks and adhere to height restrictions for all our rides. Rest assured, Fantasy Island is a student-friendly and safe location to bring your students.

3. Lots of upcoming events and new attractions waiting for you

Why not plan a school trip to Fantasy Island around October when we’re going all out for our Fear Island V event? Not only will this event be extremely memorable, but it will also be a fun experience right in time for Halloween. From the Killer Vila to The Pirates of Fear Island, we’ve got something that suits all fear levels – from the thrill-seekers to those who enjoy slightly less action.

Are you looking to plan something fun for your school kids this academic year? Experience Fantasy Island in a way you’ve never seen before. For more information about prices and booking, feel free to get in touch with our team at Fantasy Island today.

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