Essential tips for theme park etiquette

Essential tips for theme park etiquette 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Essential tips for theme park etiquette

Attending a theme park is exhilarating, and makes for a fun day out. But amidst all the excitement, you need to make sure you are being mindful of other visitors. Here are some essential tips for theme park etiquette, ensuring an enjoyable visit for everybody.

Be patient and wait your turn

It is not unlikely you will need to wait your turn to get on rides, but this need not be a stressful situation. There are usually a number of things to see and do while you queue, including watching those on the attraction you are waiting for and building your own excitement. Being patient will make this more enjoyable for you, and others. Be sure you don’t push in line or jump the queue.

Clear up after yourself

The park staff work hard to keep areas clean and tidy, but they need your help. If you have eaten, make sure you take your rubbish with you or use the provided bins. Leaving the area tidy enough for other people who wish to use it is a common courtesy. Leave it as you would want to find it yourself.

Follow the rules

Theme park rules are in place for a reason, most often to ensure customer safety at all times. Following these rules keeps you safe and avoids unnecessary conflict with other visitors or staff. You should encourage children to follow the rules too.

Watch your language

People of all ages enjoy theme parks. If you are visiting as part of an all-adult group, be mindful of those visiting with their children. Watching your language is respectful to those around you who may feel uneasy or upset by the words, or have children that might copy you. Theme parks are a place of happiness and enjoyment, so keep your language clean and appropriate.

Smoke in designated areas

Though most of the park will be outdoors, do not assume you can smoke wherever you like. If you are a smoker check park maps, or ask staff, to find the nearest smoking area. These designated spaces offer privacy and an area where children can’t see or smell the cigarettes.

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