Family entertainment for the whole family

Family entertainment for the whole family 1024 575 Fantasy Island

Family entertainment for the whole family

11th June 2018

Most of us believe that quality family time is invaluable, however, in reality, it can be very difficult to find a great value getaway to spend time with family. Looking for activities in Skegness that will please your toddler, teenager, grandparents and, of course, yourself, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Fantasy Island Resort does have a few great solutions which could, quite possibly, keep everyone happy, read on to find out more:

Ten-pin bowling

Ten-pin bowling is an activity anyone can enjoy, from the young to the old, and at Fantasy Island Resort this is ten-pin bowling with a twist. Fantasy Island Resort is the first ten-pin bowling venue outside the US to use Projection Mapping VIP Lane Technology. This technology quite literally brightens up your bowling experience and needs to be seen to be believed, so make it a stop for the whole family and let your competitive side shine.

Lava Creek adventure golf

If your family is looking for another activity to bring out the fighting family spirit, then adventure golf should be your next stop. Dinosaur themed and multi-platformed, your toddler will love the sights even if they aren’t quite managing that hole in one, while the older generation among you can enjoy the competition.

Family Entertainment Centre

It is best that you leave a good amount of time for Fantasy Island Resort’s family entertainment center. Whether your teenager wants to compete against their grandparents (or you!) with some old classic games, your tot is begging you for a bag of 2ps or siblings are challenging each other to see who can win that must-have cuddly toy, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained in the arcade.

Go Karts

Few things bring the competitive spirit of a family out more than a race, and what better way to race than on Go Karts? Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton and become the champion of your family.

Whether you are looking for adventure golf, arcade games or Go Karts, Fantasy Island Resort needs to be your next port of call for your next big family outing!