Fantasy Island – A blog by Tracie Stringer

Fantasy Island – A blog by Tracie Stringer 964 697 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island – A blog by Tracie Stringer

Only a few months ago, we thought that the only turbulence we would see in our lives this year would be Fantasy Island’s new ride. How wrong we were! But, instead of dwelling on the what could have been’s, I like to think of the what we have waiting’s for us. All that makes Fantasy Island such a special place for myself and many others!

So, what does make Fantasy Island such a stand out venue for locals, holiday makers and day trippers alike?

For me, the essence of how much variety is entwined into one place is a huge selling point of Fantasy Island. Where else can you ride, shop, eat, watch a show, have a relaxing drink and dine all in one place with everything at such close proximity?

I find that Fantasy Island covers something for every age range, if I’m taking the kiddies or bringing my parents, it’s never difficult to entertain them!
Having everything in such close proximity can be very handy too. Even if you’re not a shopping person, you never know when a quick dash into the market could save you from a sticky situation. I know this all too well, as I have had to use it in an emergency myself when I ripped my trousers in a rather embarrassing place! Within five minutes, I had a new pair of leggings and avoided the shame of having to hide a gaping hole for the rest of the day.

I still have the leggings I bought and wear them too!

So, even if you go to Fantasy Island for the rides, you never know when the market will come in handy!
Besides the market and rides, there is so much choice when it comes to dining and social drinking. Even if you’re just passing, it makes a great stop off for a bite to eat. Weather it’s in one of the independent outlets from the market cafes to the chip shops. Or Fantasy Island’s own Italian restaurant, The Olive Tree, or the arcade bar. You are completely spoilt for choice and all of it is superb quality food.
Being a venue that has no entry fee, popping in for food or drink isn’t a problem compared to other similar venues that have admission fees.

What else does Fantasy Island offer that makes it so special?
A variety of rides from thrill seekers to gentle children’s rides, a huge indoor entertainment area for when the weather isn’t too good. Bowling , golf, arcades, one of the best shows done by projection mapping… I could go on!

So, what makes Fantasy Island so special? I think the answer we are looking for is EVERYTHING!

I know I won’t be alone in saying how much I can’t wait to get back and enjoy all of these things we cherish so much.
When the time is right, we will experience Fantasy Island once again. Until then, keep safe, keep happy and keep the faith of being reunited with our beloved Island once more!