Fantasy Island has food for every taste

Fantasy Island has food for every taste 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island has food for every taste

Fantasy Island is one of the top things to do in Skegness because of its rip-roaring roller coasters like the Millennium Ride, as well as the huge seven-day market – the biggest of its kind in Europe. However, it also has plenty of places where you can recharge your batteries with a bite to eat or a drink, and it is guaranteed that you will find a menu to suit you whatever your tastes may be.

Traditional English

Lots of funfairs in England tend to neglect English favourites these days, but that is not the case at Fantasy Island! You will find restaurants dedicated solely to traditional English dishes like fish and chips, with all of the fish and potatoes used in the cooking brought in from trusted family firms in the local area. This means you are assured of the highest quality. Many of the restaurants also offer full English breakfasts as well, to help you start the day right.


American food is popular all over the world and it is certainly not neglected among the 40-plus restaurants and cafes that you will find at Fantasy Island. Everyone from adults to teenagers and children enjoy taking a breather during their family days out in Lincolnshire to tuck into a burger, which is why many of its eateries have a wide range of them on their menus. From the classic burger to variants like cheeseburgers and double stacks with bacon, all of which are available with fries, you can take your taste buds on a trip to the US.


Italian cuisine has also developed a strong following in the UK, so it is no surprise that Fantasy Island offers a taste of Italy among its eateries. Whether you want a full meal of pasta or pizza, or just want to grab a light lunch of Caesar salad along with a cappuccino or mocha, there is a restaurant for you waiting to be discovered during your visit to the funfair.


If you have particularly adventurous eating tastes, then a menu filled with real Jamaican foods will be your spice of life. The popular Jamaican dishes found at Fantasy Island include rice and peas, chicken wings, jerk chicken, and ackee saltfish and dumplings. Jamaican food is hot and full of flavour, so why not explore some Caribbean cooking the next time you take a trip to the funfair?

There really is a food option for every possible taste at Fantasy Island, which has helped to make it one of the finest things to do in Skegness.