Fantasy Island Resort: The best way to get your kids offline

Fantasy Island Resort: The best way to get your kids offline 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island Resort: The best way to get your kids offline

As Spring approaches and sunlight becomes more of a fixture in our lives, there’s one place you don’t want your little ones to be and that’s sat in front of their computer screens indoors. Spring is for enjoying nature’s abundance, not getting bloodshot eyes while trying to complete the next level on Fortnite.

If you’re looking for the best way to incentivise your children to go outdoors, then look no further than a trip to Fantasy Island Resort. With an exciting array of rides and attractions, Fantasy Island makes for one of the best day trips in the UK. If your kids are adrenaline junkies or enjoy exhibiting their sporting prowess, this is the ultimate entertainment destination for the entire family.

As a parent, it can be tough to accept our children becoming glued to screens 24/7. Sometimes, it is tempting to prescribe a complete digital cleanse, especially when the weather is so conducive for outdoor activities. So, here’s a better alternative – get in the car, and drive down to Lincolnshire, where Fantasy Island resort offers a plenteous range of thrill-seeking activities that you can all enjoy together.

From the dizzying Rhombus Rocket to the Little Explorer area, there is something for the entire family. Put your skills to the test with ten pin bowling, or adventure golf. Plus, if you’re after some colourful spring sights and smells, head on down to Fantasy Island market, which is the biggest seven-day market in Europe!

A visit to Fantasy Island will leave your kids grinning from ear to ear, and – with no entrance fees – is also parent-friendly. Simply pay for the rides you use, and you will have a tailored experience to suit your requirements.

We believe Fantasy Island offers one of the best day trips in Skegness that you and your family can enjoy, and as the weather improves, make sure you earmark a visit in your summer calendar this year. So tell your kids to put away those controllers, turn off their phone notifications, and brace themselves for a real-life experience they will never forget!