Fantasy Island theme park essentials for a family

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Fantasy Island theme park essentials for a family

Theme parks are environments built for happiness and joy, but it is important you bring the essentials for your family with you. Read on to learn all about the right gear to bring on your next epic Fantasy Island adventure.

Two different forms of payment

Have a responsible person carry the cash, debit cards, and credit parts in a pouch or wallet on their person. We also recommend you task the most responsible and organised adult with overseeing any documentation you may need.


Bring SPF that you can apply easily, especially if you’ve got kids with you. The reason? Amusement parks equal a great amount of sun exposure – even here in Skegness. So, come equipped. We suggest sunscreen containing zinc oxide because it lasts longer than alternative options.

Sunburn remedies

We appreciate that sunburn can happen despite being vigilant. So, we’re here to remind you to bring some aloe or skin soothers with you to avoid dealing with uncomfortable and irritated skin.

Ziplock bags

A mobile phone and a water ride are an accident waiting to happen. How can you prevent it? A zip lock bag – not only will it help keep your mobile phones and money dry but will also give you peace of mind as you enjoy the ride.

Cheap waterproof ponchos

The weather is unpredictable, so there’s nothing wrong with bringing some lightweight, waterproof ponchos to help you make the most of your day even if there is some rain in the weather forecast.

Highly comfortable footwear

You need shoes that stay on your feet – a size too large or flip-flops will not be a great option for rollercoasters. We recommend wearing trainers or even wellies (depending on the weather) to ensure you’re comfortable while walking and on the rides.

A mini first aid kit or medicine

This can include travel sick medicine, contact lenses, glasses, Epi-pens, inhalers among other items. Don’t forget to refill your prescriptions a week or so before your day trip to Fantasy Island, so you’re not worrying at the last minute.

Reading materials

Now, we’re not suggesting you pack too many books as they take up space and weight. But, one or two could go a long way in keeping your children (and yourselves) occupied during the car or train ride.

Don’t forget to browse our website for more information and guidance about the rides and events here at Fantasy Island, one of the top things to do in Skegness.

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