Feeling brave? Top 5 thrillers at Fantasy Island

Feeling brave? Top 5 thrillers at Fantasy Island 1023 684 Fantasy Island

Feeling brave? Top 5 thrillers at Fantasy Island

4th June 2018

Going to a theme park is the time to suck up a bit of courage and be brave for the day. If you do, you’ll be thrilled like never before and end up having the time of your life. Here we look at the top 5 stomach-churning rides at Fantasy Island.

The Beast

This is almost the definition of a stomach churner as it throws you around and spins you in all directions. The five-spoke windmill is an intense experience and one you won’t forget in a hurry. When the excitement is over, make sure you give yourself a few moments to regain your senses!

The Odyssey

Every great theme park has to have a great rollercoaster or two and The Odyssey delivers brilliantly. Countless twists and turns will see you soaring through the sky before being flung around the tracks at great speed. Take a moment of courage for some incredible excitement, you won’t regret it.

The Volcano

Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to be molten rock erupting from a volcano? Well with this ride you’ll soon find out when it shoots you 183 foot into the air at speeds of 50mph. Make sure you hold on tight as you pray for the fear to stop, before being brought safely down to earth.

The Millennium

The two vertical loops on The Millennium will spin you upside down and leave you wondering where the sky is and where the ground is. This thrilling and fast roller coaster will send you around the park with its incredible length of 2,736 feet. It’s a must-do at Fantasy Island.


Fancy being flung around like a Frisbee and stuck to the back of your seat? This ride will give you a thrilling experience which will leave your senses at the door, ready to be picked up a few minutes after you’ve stepped off the ride.

Make the most of your time at Fantasy Island by taking on these terrifying challenges. A few seconds of courage will give you a great thrill and a sense of achievement that you conquered your fears with the most fearsome rides possible.