Four top things to do in Lincolnshire this summer

Four top things to do in Lincolnshire this summer 1024 768 Fantasy Island

Four top things to do in Lincolnshire this summer

3rd January 2019

If you’re planning your summertime day trips, then you need to know there are some great options for entertainment at Skegness in Lincolnshire. Summer day trips in the UK have never been better than a visit to Lincolnshire’s Fantasy Island. Here are a few of the highlights to help you plan for the summer:

1. Rides and attractions

There are numerous rides and attractions available that cater for all ages. One of our favourite rides is the Volcano. A thrilling ride where suspense is built while you wait to be shot 183 foot into the air at an amazing 50 miles per hour.

Or if you’re less of a thrill seeker, the Crazy Caterpillar will swing you gently or your child can pretend to fly on our Jets.

2. Driving opportunities for all

If you’re someone who likes to get behind the wheel there are several attractions that might interest you. We have the classic dodgems for older children to test their driving skills on and there are also mini-dodgems for budding drivers.

If you’re looking more of a driving challenge, you can also have a try with our Go Karts. Compete against friends, family and others in a thrilling six-minute race that will get your heart pumping.

3. Bowling and golf

If the Go Karts doesn’t satisfy your need for fun and games, there’s also the ten pin bowling alley. Fantasy Island is the first location outside of the United States to incorporate Projection Mapping VIP lane technology, making it one of the best bowling experiences in Europe.

You can also have a go on our 18 hole multi-platform, dinosaur themed, Adventure Golf course. Can you make a hole in one or will you be scoring a triple-bogey on the course?

4. Shopping

No day out is complete without at least a little shopping. The Fantasy Island Market is open seven days a week and has a range of gifts, mementoes, food and more to satisfy whatever you’re looking for.

Days out in Lincolnshire

Days out in Lincolnshire have never been better than with Fantasy Island. There are a range of excellent rides, activities, shopping and more to keep everyone happy whatever their age.