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Get Ready for a Spook-tacular October

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Get Ready for a Spook-tacular October

October is a time full of chills and thrills and right now, we are hosting an event like no other – Fear Island! Experience an October full of spooky adventures, from “The Ravenous” to “Psycho Mansion” – we’ve got it covered for all the family!

The Ravenous

Prepare to lose yourself in this labyrinth of terror as you encounter a family consumed by an insatiable hunger. They will test your intelligence and nerves. Can you escape this voracious family that wants to devour you? Take on this heart-pounding scare attraction to find out!

The Outpost

Experience the zombie apocalypse first-hand! Get everyone together to face the unseen threats in this decaying medical military facility overrun by hordes of the undead. Testing courage and survival skills, this attraction is rated as a high scare factor.

Psycho Mansion

This infamous mansion mysteriously vanished and reappeared with a vengeance! Enter our dark and mysterious Psycho Mansion at your own risk, and navigate through floors of murderous mayhem where psychopaths are ready to unleash their sadistic desires.

The Circus of Screams

Introducing our family-friendly Halloween-themed circus show! Bring the family along to our Circus of Screams – you’ll have plenty of laughs but it all comes at a cost, you’ll lose your sanity as it’s full of nightmares.

Event Details:

● 14th – 15th of October
● 18th – 22nd of October
● 25th – 29th of October

Are you ready to embark on this hair-raising adventure at Fear Island? Whether you are just looking for an adrenaline rush or an aficionado, Fantasy Island is the place to be this October.

Book your tickets now and be prepared to be spooked like never before. Don’t miss out on the chilling extravaganza – book your tickets now and join us for an unforgettable experience!