How a trip to Fantasy Island could boost you and your family’s well-being!

How a trip to Fantasy Island could boost you and your family’s well-being! 1026 684 Fantasy Island

How a trip to Fantasy Island could boost you and your family’s well-being!

It might seem like just a fun day out, but actually, visiting a theme park such as Fantasy Island can provide a huge boost to your health and emotional well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a great family day out in Skegness enjoying the rides and attractions can benefit you.

1. Create bonding moments

Any chance to spend quality time as a family is an opportunity to bond. But there’s no greater example than after you’ve splashed down into the water on the Log Flume! From the scariest of rides to simply crashing into each other on the Dodgems, Fantasy Island can help you make treasured memories to share at countless family occasions in the future. Nobody laughs more than when they are at the fair and when you and your loved ones laugh together it reinforces a sense of genuine happiness. Your connection will be much stronger when you leave the park than it was when you entered, and you’ll have tons to talk about on the way home – and plenty of pictures to look back on.

2. Overcome your fears

Strapping yourself in for a thrilling experience on a good old fashioned rollercoaster like The Millennium can play a pivotal role in the way we explore our fears. Designed to create a sense of apprehension and adrenaline rush, followed by the resultant euphoria that you’re safe and well, rides and attractions can release happiness hormones and help you test your boundaries. Taking a risk and trying a ride that we once thought was too scary can teach us that it is possible to overcome our fears and that we are often more afraid of what’s in our imagination than the reality! When you explore new experiences with friends or family, it’s also an opportunity to motivate each other and bring out each other’s’ courage, leaving you and your loved ones to translate what you’ve accomplished in your everyday life.

3. Relieve your stress

There is nothing better for relieving stress than getting out of your comfort zone and having a nice big scream! And there’s nowhere better than as you whizz around on the Twister, getting all of those pent up emotions out there into the universe. Taking a ride on one of our adrenaline-inducing rides at Fantasy Island gives you licence to make as much noise as you want and really get everything off your chest. Endorphins released into your bloodstream after the initial adrenaline rush also help to give you a natural high and a feeling of alertness that will leave you pepped up and ready to face anything.

If you’re ready to get out there and make some true memories to treasure at one of the premier funfairs in England, Fantasy Island really is the place to let go and escape the stresses of everyday life.