How do theme parks help child development?

How do theme parks help child development? 516 321 Fantasy Island

How do theme parks help child development?

With so many children spending their spare time indoors, glued to their smart devices, a trip to Fantasy Island can ensure they get outdoors and have some fun. We’ve put together a couple of reasons why Fantasy Island is a must for a day trip in the UK for you and your children – and how that helps with child development.

Encourages a bond with parents

By bringing your children outdoors to a theme park, you’re strengthening your relationship with them tremendously. How? By experiencing the fun, laughter, and excitement of a theme park together, you’re helping to develop a sense of trust, which is essential for both child development and family dynamics.

Improves your child’s social skills

By interacting with other children on our rides like The Carousel and Twister, your child learns about how to communicate with other people. At Fantasy Island, we provide many opportunities for children to socialise with other young children such as Fear Island and scare mazes.

Interact in groups

Spending time at theme parks often means that children are part of a group environment with their family and friends. This is vital for children’s mental development – we’re all very social and our well-being depends on how we interact with each other. Whether it’s sitting on rides together at Fantasy Island, or enjoying a meal together at lunchtime, nothing is better than seeing your child happy and joyful in their friend circles. Not only will this help your child become more confident in their encounters with others, but it will also help them develop communication skills which will prove essential as they grow up.

Improve physical health

Why not promote a healthy and active lifestyle (through lots of fun) from a young age? By giving your children the opportunity to have some fun at a theme park, you’re implicitly promoting the importance of spending time outdoors. Your child gets the opportunity to explore outdoor activities and can experience how enjoyable spending time with loved ones is. Getting young children to be active can be tough these days due to their love of their screens, but once they enter Fantasy Island, they’ll forget all about their devices. But, hey, don’t take our word for it – come to our theme park and check it out for yourselves.

If you’re interested in having a fun day out in Lincolnshire that also boosts child development, visit our website for more information.

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