5 top tips for funfair day trip survival with kids

5 top tips for funfair day trip survival with kids 1023 684 Fantasy Island

5 top tips for funfair day trip survival with kids

Day trips and funfairs are fun. Planned properly, they are like a mini holiday packed into one fun-filled day! Skegness offers the perfect day out for the whole family. It is the epitome of the classic British seaside. Central to its attraction is Fantasy Island, one of the best funfairs in England.

As funfair season ramps up, here are some top tips for parental survival with highly excited, Fantasy Island enthused kids.

1. Arrive early

There’s no point delaying your arrival. As soon as your kids realise that a trip to Fantasy Island is on the agenda, they’ll want no delays. The earlier you arrive, the easier the parking, so when planning your journey, allow for unexpected delays to ensure you leave time to spare. It’s also a good idea to pick a parking spot as close to the park as possible. Once your visit is finished, it will be far easier to carry or drag your exhausted kids to your car if it’s nearby!

2. Bring a rucksack

Whilst Fantasy Island provides lots of options for food, drink and leisure, a handy rucksack will never go amiss. As the parent, you’ll always be expected to carry everyone’s belongings as they take to the rides. The rucksack will easily store the favourite small toy, the phones and the loose change. Plus, given the vagaries of the English weather, the rucksack can easily contain a light sweatshirt or two.

3. Wet wipes

With sticky food and messy faces, wet wipes are an essential part of your funfair survival kit. Kids in funfairs need regular cleaning as the temptation of ice cream and sweets consume them. Tissues just do not compare to the versatility of the humble wet wipes.

4. Have a plan

With so many fabulous rides to choose from at Fantasy Island, your day trip might need some forethought. Have a pre-trip chat about the rides, from the Rhombus Rocket to the Fantasy Mouse, not forgetting the Jellikins Ride. See which ones your kids are the most excited about and make those the first destinations on your itinerary, before fatigue and impatience set in!

5. Know your kid’s limits

Remember, Fantasy Island doesn’t need to be just one day trip! It is unlikely you’ll see everything in a single visit. Know when to call it a day. Kids might start out full of energy, but the combination of walking, excitement, ride adrenaline rushes and sugar will take their toll. You might have a few hours left in you, despite the ever-increasing weight of the rucksack, but kids need to go home with good memories, not tantrums!

When your kids have had enough, call it a day, promising faithfully to return. And, be grateful that you got there early and got a prime parking spot near the entrance!