How to enjoy a thrilling day out at Fantasy Island this Autumn

How to enjoy a thrilling day out at Fantasy Island this Autumn 1027 682 Fantasy Island

How to enjoy a thrilling day out at Fantasy Island this Autumn

Even as summer comes to an end and the cold weather rolls in, there’s no shortage of things to do in Skegness. Even when the weather is poor and there’s a chill in the air, there’s plenty to do at Fantasy Island to keep the family entertained.


Has the day turned drizzly? Head undercover and pick out your favourite car – a round (or five) of dodgems is a great way to get a little competitive with your friends and family away from the rain. When the buzzer sounds, you’re off. Dodge, bump and race around this fairground favourite without fear of getting wet. Even if the rain’s holding off, dodgems are a heart-racing attraction perfect for getting the blood pumping and warming you up from the cold.


This indoor ride is another reprieve from the colder days. Head onto this musical boat voyage to enjoy the weird and wonderful experience under cover from the crisp autumn air. You’ll sail through the Seaquarium with Captain Rhombus past a vast array of funny and marvellous creatures, from fascinating fish, to pirates and crabs. There’s always something new to see every time you sail through.


For Adventurers, Jellikins is another indoor ride perfect for an escape from the crisper days. This indoor train coaster takes riders through the Jolly Jelly World on a colourful whirlwind. Smaller riders can hop on board the Jelly Train with Strum, Bouncy, Denny, Pepper and Coral for a fun-filled trip on an indoor rollercoaster, ideal for an escape from rainy, cold days.

The Millenium

If it isn’t too cold or you’re looking for a thrill to get your heart pumping, The Millenium is a must-ride for Discovery riders. This park-wide rollercoaster takes you on a high-speed journey around 2736 feet of thrills, two vertical loops and a sidewinder, making the Millenium Coaster one of the most famous in Fantasy Island.

For things to do in Skegness when the weather turns colder, Fantasy Island offers indoor rides and outdoor thrills that get the blood pumping to warm you up on even the crispest of days. Take a look at the rest of the rides at our family friendly theme park and plan your day today.