How to keep children of all ages entertained at Fantasy Island

How to keep children of all ages entertained at Fantasy Island 1026 684 Fantasy Island

How to keep children of all ages entertained at Fantasy Island

Are you planning a family trip or holiday to Fantasy Island, but are unsure how you’ll keep the whole family entertained? Don’t worry, there are plenty of activities at Fantasy Island the whole family can enjoy. Below we list the top ways to keep children of all ages entertained during your next trip to Fantasy Island.

1. Rides

You may be worried that your little ones won’t have as much fun at Fantasy Island due to their age and height. Fear not! Fantasy Island has a number of rides for little explorers (0.9m and under), so children of all ages will be able to enjoy them.

2. Bowling

If you need a break from exhilarating rides, the whole family can enjoy a game of ten-pin bowling! Ramps will be supplied at the bowling alley so even little ones have a fair chance of scoring a strike. Older children will also love the chance to try and beat their parents at this fun, inclusive game.

3. Adventure golf

Is your family not a fan of bowling? No problem! They’ll surely love a round or two of adventure golf. Older children will love to show off their golfing skills whilst your little ones will love marvelling at the various dinosaurs that roam the course!

4. Tasty food

When was the last time your family had the chance to all sit-down and enjoy a meal together? No matter where you choose to eat at Fantasy Island, you will have the opportunity to eat together and enjoy quality time with your family. During meals is a great time to discuss what your children have enjoyed most about their day.

5. Go-Karts

Do you have older children in your family who can’t wait to learn to drive or little ones that run around like race cars? Your family will love go-karting! Go-karting is the perfect way to blow off some steam and enjoy friendly competition in your family; for example, you could start a fun competition to see who crosses the finish line first.

If you’re looking for things to do in Skegness that will keep the whole family entertained, a visit to Fantasy Island is a must! If you’d like to learn more about what Fantasy Island has to offer your family send us a message today.