How to overcome a fear of rollercoasters

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How to overcome a fear of rollercoasters

Fantasy Island makes for a fantastic day out in Lincolnshire for the whole family with its wide range of attractions, exciting eateries, and a big 7-day market. There is so much to do at the funfair without having to step foot on a rollercoaster, but if your family and friends are all venturing off on the rides and you are feeling a little left out, here are a few tips to overcome your fear.

Understand your fear

Fears are natural, and part of overcoming a fear is to understand why you feel that way. It might be a specific thing about the rollercoaster that scares you. Is it the height aspect? The speed or vertical drops? Try to pinpoint what exactly it is that fills you with fear and think about ways you can challenge these thoughts.

Do some research

This might sound boring but learning more about what scares you can reduce the fear from the unknown. For example, if the idea of not knowing what comes next on a rollercoaster ride scares you, see if there are any videos online of people on the rollercoaster so you can follow the ride. This way, when you get on board the rollercoaster, you know exactly what’s going to come when and can prepare yourself for it.

If the danger aspect keeps you from setting foot onto a ride, you can read up on the different safety measures each ride has to ensure the safety of its users (trust me, us there is lot). This way, you will be able to step onto the ride with confidence that you will be safe and protected.

Think of a strategy

This is the time to think of your game plan as to how you will tackle your fear. Would you prefer to put yourself right in the deep end and go straight onto the ride you fear? Or would you prefer to start with the smaller rides and slowly work your way up? Also, there’s the decision of if you would rather face the challenge alone or would you prefer a friend or family member with you? Being alone takes the pressure off, but having someone with you will give you that extra layer of support.

There are so many things to do at Fantasy Island that even if you don’t like rollercoasters, you will still be sure to have a good time!