How to plan the perfect theme park trip to Fantasy Island

How to plan the perfect theme park trip to Fantasy Island 512 331 Fantasy Island

How to plan the perfect theme park trip to Fantasy Island

While it’s incredibly exciting to visit a theme park here in Skegness – it’s vital that you’ve planned to know both what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to having a theme park trip. We’ve put together a small checklist for you to consider before you come to visit us here at Fantasy Island.

1. What’s the operating schedule?

You need to make sure that on the day you plan on attending Fantasy Island, you don’t set off too late (even though you can change your package to a staycation), especially if you’re wanting to return home on the same day. You need to give yourselves enough time to thoroughly enjoy a selection of rides because, let’s face it, you don’t want to go home without trying out our dining experiences, indoor rides, outdoor rides, and arcades!

2. Make an itinerary for your trip to Fantasy Island

While some people like to wing their days out and vacations, there are others who like to plan every moment. We recommend taking the middle ground. How? Browse our website to see the rides and events we have on offer and choose appropriately. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to stick with your itinerary rigidly. We all know and believe that sometimes being spontaneous is a good thing, right? There’s a lot here on offer at Fantasy Island, and if you’re coming over for a day trip, chances are that you won’t be able to do everything.

3. Check that your favourite rides are open ahead of travelling

It’s a real shame if when you arrive your favourite ride is closed. While this does not happen often at Fantasy Island, we cannot guarantee repairs or maintenance will never take place and a ride or attraction will definitely be open. Incidents can take place which means that a ride will not operate or it’s down for its regular maintenance checks. Either way, we recommend taking a look at our website as we post the ride maintenance schedules on there. You could also give us a call at Fantasy Island to find out this information.

4. Don’t forget the new rides

Whenever we have new rides, the headlines means that everyone wants to try them out. We suggest you keep up with the news on the latest rides so that you too have a chance to check them out!

Browse our website for more on the rides and events here at Fantasy Island.

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