How to preserve your Fantasy Island memories

How to preserve your Fantasy Island memories 1241 697 Fantasy Island

How to preserve your Fantasy Island memories

If you’re visiting Fantasy Island with your family, we guarantee that you are going to want to hold onto the memories. Whether it’s your children’s first time at a theme park or a special day out with the grandparents, having plenty of memories is a lovely thing to look back on as everybody gets older. We’ve put together some ideas to keep your memories secure and make sure that they are long-lasting!

Take lots and lots of photos

There are plenty of photo opportunities at Fantasy Island. You might want to get your photo taken next to a ride that you finally found the courage to go on, or how about a group photo of the whole family by the entrance? We also have lots of opportunities to purchase photos that are taken on the rides themselves, including a package that starts at just £10!

If you are taking your own photos, make sure that these don’t just sit on your phone for years to come. As soon as possible, get them printed. Physical photos are that little bit more special!

Get the photos framed

If there are any really special photos, get them framed and send them to people for Christmas or birthday presents – or just as a thoughtful gift. The grandparents will love a photo of all the family, and having one on display in someone’s house will immediately bring back Fantasy Island memories!

Keep your ticket stubs and wristbands

Keep any ticket stubs from your Skegness holiday, and your Fantasy Island wristband. These will remind you immediately of the amazing day that you had, and they are a great conversation starter for when you show them to people!

Buy some merchandise

We sell lots of merchandise at Fantasy Island, and even the smallest item can invoke memories. You could get something like a pencil or eraser, a useful and inexpensive product that will remind you of your good memories here whenever you use it. Or, opt for a comfy t-shirt or hoodie – people may ask you about Fantasy Island when you wear it and you can share your fond memories!

Make a scrapbook

If you are staying in Skegness for a holiday, you might want to create a scrapbook for your whole trip. Or, you could start a Fantasy Island scrapbook and add to it each time you visit us! Scrapbooks can feature photos, ticket stubs, and any other paper souvenirs. It will be a much-loved book for all the family for many years to come.