How to take the best photos at Fantasy Island

How to take the best photos at Fantasy Island 1023 683 Fantasy Island

How to take the best photos at Fantasy Island

If you’re planning a trip to Fantasy Island, we bet that you are going to want to have photos that you can cherish. Here’s how to take the best photos at Fantasy Island, with some crucial tips to consider!

Pack right

Whether you are an avid photographer or just like snapping photos on your smartphone, be prepared. Make sure that all of your gadgets are fully charged, and have backup batteries. This might mean having physical batteries for your camera or taking a portable charging device to ensure that your phone battery stays full at all times.

If you are taking camera gear, also be sure to keep it separate from your other belongings – especially food and liquids. The last thing that you want is to ruin your gadgets!

Think about some specific photo opportunities

Pre-plan some of your photo moments, and make sure that everybody is prepared for photo-taking while you’re here. For example, you might want to get a picture by a Fantasy Island sign or get a snap of the whole family by the Rhombus Rocket. If you have a list of the photos that you want to get before going, you’ll avoid disappointment later down the line!

Frame photos well

When you take staged photos, be sure to frame them properly. Make sure that you have the entire background in the shot, and play around with compositions. Some photos look better when the person is small, for example, so don’t feel like you have to zoom in all the time. Having a variety of different frames will make your Fantasy Island photos even more dynamic!

Take candid photos

Sure, some staged photos are great – but others, the ones that will invoke the most memories, are the candid photos. Be sure to take plenty of photos of people laughing and smiling, as well as people doing activities.

Get some photos with you in as well

Often, the photographer misses out on being in the photos. But you want to be a part of the memories too – so be sure to get a few selfies and get someone else to take photos once in a while.

Remember they don’t have to be perfect

While Fantasy Island is a great place to practice your photography skills, it’s mainly about making memories. Don’t stress too much if you get caught up in the excitement of the day and your photos aren’t perfect – the memories will still be there!