The Millennium: Past, Present, Future.

The Millennium: Past, Present, Future. 1023 684 Fantasy Island

The Millennium: Past, Present, Future.

24th November 2017

The Millennium was installed by Fantasy Island in 1999, as a homage to the turn of the new Millennium; or 2k to you youngsters. It’s an extreme, thrill-seeking rollercoaster made by Vekoma. It was also the first rollercoaster to feature an inversion at Fantasy Island.

It has frightened, enlightened and exhilarated the general public for almost two decades. Many Fantasy Island comers and goers have declared it their favourite ride on the park, if not, in the country. Along with these recognitions, many famous faces have graced the Millennium, those include Mark Wright, Sam Bailey, Charlotte Crosby and James Argent, to name but a few. Our point is, everyone that has ever ridden, watched or seen the Millennium has a great story to tell!

However, the coaster is looking tired and it’s time for change. We’d been scratching our heads for some time for inspiration on what to do in order to breathe a new lease of life into the coaster… then it hit us! YOU are our inspiration.

We have since been reviewing all ideas and suggestions sent in by #FantasyFans, and have come to a decision…

Our dedicated workforce has been priming and preparing the coaster for its grand makeover, and finally… it’s ready. Are you?