Never been to Fantasy Island? Here’s what you’re missing!

Never been to Fantasy Island? Here’s what you’re missing! 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Never been to Fantasy Island? Here’s what you’re missing!

Skegness is a popular UK holiday destination, and it is not hard to see why. With its stunning beach, traditional seaside town atmosphere and wonderful facilitates, it really is up there with the best. One of the greatest things to do in Skegness is visit Fantasy Island – one of the best funfairs in England! Never been? Here’s what you’re missing!

Rip-roaring rides

Fantasy Island is packed with incredible rides to suit all ages. From the twists and turns of rollercoasters such as the Rhombus Rocket to the beautiful swirling Seaquarium adventure, there is something for the thrill-seekers and the toddlers, with vibrant colours and exciting discoveries at every turn. Be sure to take loads of snaps for those photographic holiday memories – you won’t be short of opportunities in this fun and exciting setting.

Europe’s largest seven-day market

You read that right, Europe’s largest seven-day market is right here! Wander through an abundance of stalls, selling everything from clothes, shoes and hats to toys, games and souvenirs. It is a shopaholic’s paradise, and once again caters for all age groups, so everybody can have fun and come home with something special. Not only that, but access to the market is completely FREE, making it a great choice for a day out, and leaving you with extra spending money. Go on, treat yourself!

Delicious dining experiences

Having fun is thirsty work, and it sure stirs up an appetite. Fortunately, you will be spoiled for choice at Fantasy Island, where our huge range of cafes and diners are just waiting for you to come on in. Whether you are looking for a coffee break, a family dinner, a simple snack or an Italian dining experience, we have so many eateries to choose from. All food and drink are freshly prepared and made to order, so you can ensure top quality and yummy flavours. You should also check out the Arcade Bar, where the kids can play while adults take a well-earned rest.

Family holiday park

More than just a theme park, Fantasy Island is also the perfect family holiday resort!

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you are in Skegness, get yourselves down to Fantasy Island! You will make long-lasting memories, experience new thrills and adventures, and find your new favourite holiday spot.