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New to markets: How to make the most of Fantasy Island market

New to markets: How to make the most of Fantasy Island market 512 341 Fantasy Island
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New to markets: How to make the most of Fantasy Island market

Fantasy Island’s market is one of the most spectacular in the UK. As the biggest seven-day market anywhere in Europe, there are plenty of options for you to fulfil your desire for shopping. Read on to learn some of the best tips about making the most of your trip to the market, and building up the perfect market haul that stays within your budget.

1. Know what you need

A market can be an intimidating place, especially one with hundreds of stalls. After all, every product can be incredibly enticing, which can get expensive if you don’t keep control of your urges. If you work out exactly what you need to get from a market before you start your shopping trip, you can start to keep your haul under control and definitely get everything that you need before diving into the little luxuries.

2. Go around once before buying

It’s all too easy to go to a market and like everything that you see, leading you to buy up some of the earliest things you spot and having nothing left in the budget for what you actually need to get. By taking a single trip around the entire market first, you can create a shortlist of the items you want and need. You can then pick up what you can afford to without missing out on necessities due to planning problems.

3. Treat yourself

A trip to a market is no fun if you force yourself to work within tight confines. As part of your holiday trip to any market, you should give yourself some leeway to treat yourself to something fun that you wouldn’t normally try. Whether this is something as simple as a luxury bath bomb or as complicated as a kitchen gadget you’ve been eyeing up for months, treat yourself! After all, it’s your staycation!

4. Make the most of Fantasy Island

Don’t forget one of the best things about the market; it’s connected to the best holiday park in Lincolnshire. With rides such as The Odyssey taking you tumbling and rolling through the sky, you can take a few minutes to mull over your buying decisions. After all, the market is open throughout the day, so it won’t close before you make any purchasing decisions. At Fantasy Island, you can take your time to choose right, and have fun whilst doing it.

If you’re thinking of a trip to Fantasy Island, contact our team today to book your Lincolnshire Staycation.