Non-coaster rides for all the family at Fantasy Island

Non-coaster rides for all the family at Fantasy Island 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Non-coaster rides for all the family at Fantasy Island

Are you planning a family trip for the end of summer? Trying to beat the sad reality that summer is coming to an end? Why not visit Skegness in Lincolnshire and visit Fantasy Island? There’s fun for every type of ride-goer and seeker of adventure as well as activities for all ages, and you can even take a bit of a break from all the natural beauty that Skegness has to offer!

If you’re not a rollercoaster fan, but love the thrill of a good amusement park ride, here are a few to check out:

Log Flume

Why not take the entire family on this ride at the peak of the afternoon, as the sun is hot and the lines for the rollercoasters are uninviting? For those who don’t enjoy rollercoasters, it’s an easy ride. Following the lull of the river, the log boat carries you along, cooling you off, until you reach the peak of the waterfall and then SPLASH! It’s a great way to cool down and fun for all ages.


One of the most popular rides at the park, you can go on the Dodgems again and again. With larger parties, switch up your partner with each go, or have solid teams and compete to see who is the best. With excellent music playing during your go around, this is another great ride for those who don’t mind the bumps but don’t love the tall drops of a coaster.


This classic ride is a throwback to carnival rides and one of the most popular. Get ready to hold onto the bar as the ride takes you around and around. And around again. It’s quite a thrill to go quickly around. With squeals of delight, this one is a big crowd-pleaser.


Travelling with small children? Not a problem for Fantasy Island! This ride is one of the most popular amongst little ones, with its fun music and interesting sea creatures. It’s a bit slower, so not for the adventure seekers, but perfect for those looking for an easy (but incredibly fun) ride.

So if you’re looking for the perfect day out in Lincolnshire, look no further! When you think of summer fun, think of Fantasy Island!