Reasons to visit Fantasy Island this October For Halloween

Reasons to visit Fantasy Island this October For Halloween 724 1024 Fantasy Island

Reasons to visit Fantasy Island this October For Halloween

17th September 2018

This Halloween, Fantasy Island have scary, family fun events taking place that shouldn’t be missed! From Psycho Mansion to Carnivhell, if you’re looking for Spooktacular Halloween events this year then come to Fantasy Island for a great family day out in Lincolnshire!

Fear Island II Attractions

Psycho Mansion

We have reinvented the scary and family fun horror attraction in Lincolnshire! Our psycho mansion Christ compels you to step into the eerie aristocratic estate of the legendary Psycho family. But beware, the mansion has become plagued by the paranormal! Meet Father Abner Black, the Exorcist, as he casts a divine ritual over the mansion, in a vain attempt to dispel the insidious Phantom that lurks within Psycho Mansion 2 – Possessed!


Something wicked this way comes as Carnival Diablo rolls into town, bringing a sinister spectacle to Fear Island.  Freak out as you come face to face with a hoard of cannibal carnies and ghastly freaks.  Guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face, Carnivhell presents ‘the gravest show on earth’ – the admission price is your soul…

Temple of Terror

Unwittingly unearthed by a hapless urban explorer, the ancient Mayan temple of Kukulcan – the blood-thirsty Snake God, has been disturbed.  Descend deep beneath the earth as you navigate the tombs and traps that lead toward the Mayan underworld of Xibalba – the ‘realm of fright’, where the ancient Gods are ready to wreak a terrible vengeance on all who dare enter the Temple of Terror…

Come to Fantasy Island this Halloween for the ultimate scare fest and book your tickets now!