Recreate Fantasy Island at home

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Recreate Fantasy Island at home

If you’re missing Fantasy Island, (of course you are) we’ve got some fun ideas for activities at home. With lots of little ones, it can be hard to find things to do, especially when you can’t visit your favourite funfairs in England! We’ve come up with some fabulous Fantasy Island-themed activities that you and your children can enjoy at home while we’re waiting to open our doors.

Sensory under the sea adventures

Take inspiration from our seaquarium ride and have your own under the sea adventures at home. Create a sensory experience your children will love by using blue fabric, bubble wrap, ocean noises from the internet and lots of bubbles. Gather bath toys, soft toys and any other under the sea creatures you have at home. Encourage your child to talk about the different creatures, what the ocean sounds like, shake the fabrics to create your own waves and blow bubbles together. You could use fairy lights, bubble lamps and inflatables too.

Carnival Games

Bring the fun of the funfair into your home and plan a day full of exciting carnival games. Recreate classic games like hook a duck with a fishing net and rubber ducks in the bath or you could set up a coconut shy in the kitchen with soft bean bags or plastic balls to knock coconuts off toilet rolls. Make sure to keep empty bottles as well and make your own ring toss game too. Check out our games stalls for more ideas you can try recreate at home.

Mini Market

At Fantasy Island, we’re famous for our sprawling market full of treats and goodies. So why not set up your own at home. Let your kids choose what to put on their stall (use the dining table or a few chairs together), help them arrange their wares and draw up some price labels. You could get some clothes hangers and create a fashion store or a sweet stall with lots of sweet treats and paper bags. Now spend the afternoon playing shop in your very own Fantasy Island-inspired market.

Create a Mystical Mountain show

You’ve probably enjoyed our exciting mystical mountain show, so why not try and put on your own performance at home. Make some show curtains out of bedsheets and a washing line and let your little ones sing their favourite songs on the ‘stage’ and pretend to be explorers from the show. Turn the lights low and use torches to make spotlights, and make sure to applaud as loudly as you would at Fantasy Island Skegness.