Stuck where to go on holiday this summer? Fantasy Island is the answer

Stuck where to go on holiday this summer? Fantasy Island is the answer 1025 582 Fantasy Island

Stuck where to go on holiday this summer? Fantasy Island is the answer

Choosing where to go on holiday in the summer is always a patience-trying task. It takes what feels like years to decide on where to go and what hotel to have, and you haven’t even begun arranging the flights and transport! So why not skip all the hassle this year and enjoy your summer at Fantasy Island, one of the best things to do in Skegness.

Island Beach

One of the reasons why you go abroad is for the sandy beach, but fear not as Fantasy Island has its own! Island Beach possesses its own tailor-made deckchairs, perfect for having a quick forty winks while the kids play in the sand, and if you get hungry, then The Ranch has you covered with delicious food and refreshing beverages, complete with live performances. It’s the ideal place to be on a summer’s afternoon.

The rides

When it comes to the rides, Fantasy Island has something for everyone. For those who like the water, the Log Flume is perfect, with twists and turns right up to the very top before plunging down into the water below. If you seek an adrenaline rush, the Millennium will fly around the entire park at high speeds and features two loops and a sidewinder. For the little ones, the magical musical voyage of the Seaquarium will bring them joy and they can gaze at strange and colourful fish specimens.

The market

When you’re on holiday, the market selling weird and wonderful creations is always a highlight, so why not indulge yourself in Fantasy Island’s market, which is the largest seven-day market in the whole of Europe! You will find pretty much everything you will ever need at the market, from handbags and food to barbecue equipment and even microwaves. It also has WiFi so you can always be connected to the world and the ones you love, even when on holiday.

If you feel that a summer holiday to Fantasy Island is what you’re after and wish to find out more about the park and the surrounding area, feel free to contact us or browse our website today.