Summer might be over… but the fun keeps on coming

Summer might be over… but the fun keeps on coming 1025 684 Fantasy Island

Summer might be over… but the fun keeps on coming

The British Summer might be drawing to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Fantasy Island offers thrilling family days out, whatever the weather. As one of England’s leading funfairs, a day trip to Fantasy Island will make the whole family forget about the onset of winter, ensuring the only thing on their mind’s is a return trip to one of Lincolnshire’s favourite attractions.

And to make the most of your family day out at Fantasy Island, we explore 5 all-weather rides, perfectly suited to autumn in Skegness.

1) The Dodgems

No self-respecting funfair would be complete without a fleet of dodgems. Buckle up your seat belt and prepare to go head-to-head with some of Skegness’s finest drivers.

2) Log Flume

Let’s face it, if you’re doing the log flume properly, you’re going to get wet, so don’t allow the UK weather to affect your family day out. Gently drift to the top of the ride… and then plummet back down into the waiting lagoon at an exhilarating speed. And if you’re still dry? Do it again!

3) Seaquarium Ride

Join Captain Rhombus on a mystical journey through the underwater wonderland on the fantastic Seaquarium Ride. Meet creatures from the deep and prepare to be wowed on this voyage of nautical discovery. The whole family are sure to encounter unknown creatures and discover exciting facts about these crustaceans from the ocean.

4) Jellikins Ride

The thrills aren’t just reserved for the grown-ups. At Fantasy Island, we believe that all members of the family should be able to enjoy exhilarating rides, and our rollercoaster for smaller guests will do just that. Step under the cover of one of the Jelly Train’s vibrant carriages and gently weave your way along the rollercoaster’s winding track.

5) The Millennium

Quite frankly, it could be snowing, but the thrill of riding the Millennium would make you forget about the small white flakes falling from the sky. At 150 feet high and more than 2700 feet long, this famous coaster will fling you around the park at terrifying speeds. And if that wasn’t enough, 2 vertical loops at speeds of more than 55 mph are sure to make you shiver, whatever the weather.