The History of Theme Park Rides

The History of Theme Park Rides 633 412 Fantasy Island

The History of Theme Park Rides

Are you a theme park fanatic who can’t wait to get to Fantasy Island and enjoy our rides and attractions? As much as you may love rollercoasters and rides, how much do you actually know about them? Below we explore the history of theme park rides!

1. Rollercoaster

The world’s first rollercoaster was created in 18th-century Russia. The rollercoaster was constructed out of hills of snow in the gardens surrounding a Russian palace. Wooden supports were used to hold the snow in place and the slides were built to a height of 70 feet. People would use wheeled carts or wooden sledges to slide up and down the snow rollercoaster.

2. Log flume

Log flumes have been used in America since 1890 to transport timber down mountains. It was not until 1936 an official log flume ride was opened, inspired by the lumber transport system. The ride was created by American innovator Karl Bacon after he studied the potential of hydrodynamics for an amusement ride. Log flume rides increased in popularity rapidly and quickly became popular at amusements parks around the world.

3. Dodgems

There is great debate over who invented the dodgems ride. Some claim the ride was invented by Victor Levand, a General Electric employee, whilst others claim it was the Massachusetts born brothers Max and Harold Stoehrer. The Stoehrer brothers first patented their idea in 1920, but this does not prove it was their idea originally.

4. Carousels

Carousels, as we know them today, first started appearing in Europe in the 19th century. The history of carousels can be traced as far back as the 6th century, however, as people tied ropes to baskets and would spin the baskets around a pole. This is far from the beautifully ornate carousels we have today!

5. Theme park

The world’s first theme park was believed to have opened in 1895, in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Named the Sea Lion Park, it was the first closed area theme park that sold tickets to rides within the park. Sea Lion Park sadly closed in 1903.

Ready to learn more about rides?

The best way to learn about rides, is, of course, to ride them! If you want to learn more about amusement parks or are looking for fun things to do in Skegness, plan a visit to Fantasy Island! Join us for a day of exhilarating fun that the whole family can enjoy.

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