The Return Of The British Seaside Holiday

The Return Of The British Seaside Holiday 612 404 Fantasy Island

The Return Of The British Seaside Holiday

The headlines are full of news about the rise of ‘staycations’, when in fact, that expression was originally coined for a lengthy leisure break in your own home!

Now, the term is used for something that’s been going on for hundreds of years: the British desire to ‘get away from it all’ and head to the sea. Let’s take a look at the traditional British seaside holiday and its appeal as a ‘staycation’.

Rediscovering what the British have always loved

The tradition of enjoying a family holiday at the beach is an important part of British heritage and the subject of countless wonderful childhood memories.

British seaside holidays reached their heyday in the post-war years. The ’50s and ’60s also naturally saw the rise of purpose-built holiday parks, with everything visitors needed for entertainment and leisure.

Blessed by the fact we live on an island and we’re never far from many thousands of miles of coastline, heading to the sea was the perfect way to enjoy family bonding time, laughter and fresh air.

Why kids still love the seaside

Have you ever taken your child on a glamourous, expensive vacation, only for them to practically live in the hotel swimming pool?

The truth is that kids love bucket and spade holidays and the simple pleasures of paddling, castle building, ice cream, fish and chips and staying up late for night time walks. If you head to the fun-filled Skegness coast to stay in an award-winning holiday park, you can even add in glorious memories of days spent at Fantasy Island!

New type of staycation makes holidays easy

Another advantage of this new ‘staycation’ concept is that travelling to Britain’s best holiday park is easy, from all points of the compass, with none of the strains of air travel.

Plus, everything is reassuringly familiar. You can enjoy a wonderful blend of all the things you expect to see at England’s coast, as well as throwing yourself and your children into an adrenaline rush at Fantasy Island’s latest attractions.

Kid-friendly cafes, dog-friendly pubs and a wealth of other family-orientated leisure opportunities are clustered along the Lincolnshire coast. You know what to pack for a British seaside holiday, what foods you can enjoy and apart from rich regional accents, there are no language barriers!

Book a break at Fantasy Island holiday park and enjoy a traditional British holiday by the sea.

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