5 common staycation mistakes to avoid

5 common staycation mistakes to avoid 768 852 Fantasy Island

5 common staycation mistakes to avoid

With staycations hotter than ever, you may be in the process of planning yours. Staycations are great; they save you money, reduce travel times, and offer you the chance to explore and support your home country. However, there are mistakes you should avoid when planning your holiday, such as:

Not doing your research

You might be staying close to home, but research is still important when choosing the right trip for you and your family. Be sure to look into where to go and research what activities, amenities, and attractions there are in the area, as well as options for accommodation, parking, and travel times. These are all important factors to help you ensure you are choosing the right holiday for your needs.

Leaving it to the last minute

Last minute deals do come up, but with staycations more popular than ever, last-minute planning could be a problem. Not only will you be limited on availability, but you may find price hikes nearer the time, making it more expensive than it would have been if you had planned ahead.

Sticking to your comfort zone

It is easy to stick with what you know, and while there can be joy in revisiting a place you have previously enjoyed, there is even more fun to be found when you try something new. Consider a location you have never been to, an accommodation type different to your usual, and somewhere with unique activities.

Not sticking to a budget

Staycations help you save money on travel and will ensure you can use the local currency, which can be easier to manage. However, it is still possible to go over budget. When planning, consider your budget ahead of booking anything and then ensure you stick to it. Your holiday is a time to enjoy yourself and relax, so you do not want money worries ruining this. Make sure you account for spending money too.

Failing to find activities for everyone

You do not want to arrive on holiday and find that the only available activities suit one age group and not the other. This is especially true of families, as you may need to cater for adults, teens and young children. Before you book anything, be sure you have considered the activities available nearby.

For a staycation that is affordable, unique, and suitable for all the family, why not come to Fantasy Island? This award-winning holiday park and theme park has everything you need for an amazing staycation you will never forget.

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