There are rides for all ages at Fantasy Island

There are rides for all ages at Fantasy Island 1026 684 Fantasy Island

There are rides for all ages at Fantasy Island

If you’re looking for things to do in Skegness, then look no further! Fantasy Island is the perfect day out for the whole family, no matter the age or level of adrenaline junkie! We offer three types of wristband, depending on what you’re looking for. See them in detail below…


The Discovery wristband is perfect for the older ones who are 1.1m and above and looking for a day of thrills, chills and everything in-between. Here are a couple of our top rides for those with the Discovery Wristband.

  • The Millennium: For those 1.2m and over, this neon green and purple rollercoaster can be spotted from all over the park! At a whopping 150ft high and a speedy 55.9mph, do you dare to ride?
  • Techno Jump: One of our most iconic rides that combines the novelty of the funfair with the sheer excitement of a theme park – Be sure to hold on as this ride bumps you up and down out of your seat!


Our Adventurer wristband is for those 0.9m and above that want some fun without the big scares! Purchasing this wristband will give you access to both the Adventurer and Explorer rides. Have a read of some of the best rides this wristband will get you:

  • Log Flume: Everyone loves a log flume! But Fantasy Island’s log flume makes a particularly big splash among guests. Get your nerves running as you make your way to the top of the track… then plunge into the water below!
  • Jellikins: This is the perfect rollercoaster for younger guests as they enter the charming and vibrant land of Jolly Jelly World. There’s a height range of 1.0m-1.6m for this ride.

Little Explorer

For our smallest guests, the Little Explorer wristband is FREE to any child under 0.9m! What rides will this give access to? Here’s one of the best:

  • Seaquarium: This gentle water ride is a great chance to chill, sit back and just enjoy the lovely surroundings with Captain Rhombus and his lovely fish friends.

Fantasy Island is one of the best funfairs in England, and our selection of fabulous rides to suit all ages is a testament to this! So whether you’re on holiday in Skegness or just looking for a day out in Lincolnshire, come on down to see just how much fun for the whole family we can provide with our collection of some of the best uk rides available. We may be called Fantasy Island, but our promises of excitement and exhilaration can become YOUR reality!